Monday, 18 August 2014

Fabric Lust and Vintage Threads

I've been drooling over some delicious new fabrics for weeks now as well as developing a little vintage-fabric-on-ebay habit.  So far, I've mostly been looking and lusting but I have made a cheeky little purchase or two, just don't tell my current husband, ok?  It can be our dirty little secret; yeh right! That would be fine and dandy if it were not for the fact that my fabric stash has staged a full on invasion of the dining room and is shamelessly displaying itself like one of those naughty ladies in the window of an Amsterdam brothel!

One of my favourite fabrics ever is from Melody Miller; the Ruby Star Rising Cameo fabric.  I bought a couple of meters of this when it first came out and used it for projects that I gave as presents to my sister (a cushion cover and an apron).    I still have some scraps of it and have searched high and low to buy some more but sadly it's unavailable in the UK now and is a discontinued line. (Insert a big sad face here).  I did manage to find some for sale on Etsy from an American seller though, hurrah! (Insert insanely happy face here!)  

I am completely in love with just about all of Melody Miller's fabric range, especially the new Mustang fabric; I just had to have some of this utterly gorgeous fabric in my life.  I haven't decided what I am going to use the fabric for yet, so I just sit and stroke it for now like the fabric-perv I am; honestly, the linen home dec version has the loveliest drape and feel to it (sad muppet).

One of my favourite designers is Donna Wilson and I have a few pieces of her lovely tableware.  Donna has just produced a small range of fabrics which are available from her website to buy and this Holding Hands Oyster Linen is right up there on top of my 'most wanted' list.  Lorks, doesn't this stuff just make you happy?!  Not sure how long I can resist this beautiful stuff; I just love the quirky characters in this.

My current obsession in vintage fabrics is barkcloth; I adore the 'nubbly' texture and look of this fabric and have a few bits myself but would love to acquire a massive stash of it.  This rose barkcloth was two pairs of  vintage curtains that practically had me hyperventilating and eventually sold for £161.85 on eBay; I hasten to add that I didn't buy them although I wish they were mine.   Donna Flower has a wonderful and extensive catalogue of stunning vintage fabrics for sale including plenty of barkcloth; looking at her website is like vintage fabric porn and makes me feel like an addict because, really, I NEED ALL OF THIS FABRIC!!!! 

 I think I had better have a bit of a lie down with a cup of tea and indulge in a furtive trawl through eBay for some perty vintage threads.  

TTFN from Saucy Towers. Galx

Monday, 11 August 2014

French Toast and Hetty Feather

Last week we kept ourselves out of mischief with a few nice days out, generally pottering about and enjoying the summer sun.  We had a lovely morning spent in Hastings that started off with breakfast at Petit Fi in George Street.  I really love this little cafe/restaurant and they do a super breakfast.  Curly girl ordered french toast with chantilly cream, maple syrup and a berry compote which was deliciously decadent and I had the scrambled eggs (minus the chives they usually add) in case CG didn't like her french toast.  Scrummy!  Petit Fi do a great coffee and also gave us a pretty carafe of cucumber water with our meal; this has started a new trend at Saucy Towers for flavouring drinks with cucumber (mostly gin).  We moved on to the fab Norman Road in St Leonards, where I discovered two lovely new shops - I'll post all about Norman Road later in the hols as you should definitely go visit if you're in the area.

We headed up to London to see Hetty Feather at the beginning of last week; it's a stage production of the Jaqueline Wilson book of the same name about a little girl who is left at the foundling hospital as a baby and discovers the wonder of the circus as a little girl.  The show is a wonderful mix of storytelling, circus skills, singing and very funny; the blurb suggests it's suitable from 7 years old upwards and I would agree with that as the plight of unwanted babies in Victorian times is dealt with in a skilled way that might be difficult for younger children to grasp. 

The small ensemble cast were so talented switching between characters and the end is wonderfully heart warming; I confess I had a few tears in the final scene as I hadn't read the book and didn't know how it ended.  I bought the tickets through the Kids Week website where you get a free child's seat with a paying adult, so only paid £20 in all.  Brilliant show and I think tickets for the show might still be available if you hop over here.  

I know that I've been neglecting you all and haven't told you about all the lovely things I've found in my charity shop adventures of late but I'll make up for it, Old Gal's promise ( a bit like a scout's promise but with a swig of gin involved).  I particularly enjoyed plundering a charity shop whilst in Cornwall where I found lots of old board games and bits and pieces; I get a real kick out of holiday charity shops, don't you?  They always seem so mysterious and exciting compared to the ones at home and are always cheaper than my regular shops.  

That's just a little taste of last week and I'm looking forward to some more fun this week with my girlies.   But first, I have to finish a frozen inspired Elsa dress-up outfit for my little niece's birthday.  I've been using some shiny spangly fabric which is slippery as hell and frays like buggery and some pretty snowflake organza which has covered every inch of the house in glitter!  I shall continue to wrestle the dress into submission today and hope no-one looks at the wonky seams; thank heavens for fabric glue.  Will show you the dress when finished and let you know what I think of the McCall's M7000 pattern.

TTFN. Galx

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