Tuesday, 3 May 2016

I'm back and it's Narnia business where I've been!

Well hello there; did you miss me?  Um, yes, well.....and the Academy of Blogging award for 'Most Rubbish Blogger of 2015/16' goes to.........

You see, I was visiting this old country house and there was this big wardrobe and I just stepped inside for a minute because I saw lots of lovely vintage fabric hanging up and before I knew it, I was in this other world.  It's the magical mystical world of Sh'Mumarnia aka 'The Land of the Disorganised Sh'mum'.  You may remember that this is an abbreviation we use here at Saucy Towers for acts of shit  rubbish mum-dom.

But, like, whatever, because I decided I missed blogging and wanted to come and witter at you all again about things that make me happy. So, let's re-cap, that's baking, finding vintage goodies in charity shops and sewing.  

You remember I was a bit of a charity shop addict and used to love sharing all the sweet old china and stuff I found for a few quid?  I haven't exactly fallen out of love with charity shops and vintage nick nacks, I've just become a lot more selective.  I realised that I was accumulating way too much vintage tut and so got rid of loads at a boot fair last year and sent other gubbins back to the charity shops whence they came.  

These days, my particular fancy is for vintage fabric; particularly floral barkcloth and old Sanderson curtain fabric.  I can be in and out of a charity shop in less than 30 seconds by just heading straight to the linen section and scanning for something special. 

There has been a lot of sewing and creating going on here at Saucy Towers over the last year or so.  Oooh, get me showing off.  You remember I told you all about getting Lost in the Willows last year?  Well, after that, I got lost in Old Bavaria designing, making and sourcing costumes for The Producers.  This is a big show with loads of costumes and the most fun I've had in my Am Dram life. But also very time consuming.  One of the highlights of the show is the big 'Springtime for Hitler' number and it's not every day you get to make showgirl costumes featuring giant sausages and pretzels.  Or stand on a podium scantily dressed as a Valkyrie themed show girl.  Or join twenty other actors dressed as lecherous, rich old ladies dancing with zimmer frames.  Now that was a beautiful sight to behold.

Good old 2016 has kicked off with me acting in an Agatha Christie play, Cards on the Table.  I surprised myself by being able to learn a shed load of lines and that's not bad for an ageing sh'mum.  Once again,my trusty brown wig got an outing for my character, Ariadne Oliver, amateur sleuth and crime writer.

So, let's see if I can produce a couple of blog posts a week for a bit and bring you lots of pictures of stuff I've found, made and maybe even baked.  It's worth hanging about just on the off chance that I do something bloody brilliant. 



Friday, 26 June 2015

Lost in the Willows!

Hellooooo!  Yes, I'm back from the blogging underworld; did you miss me?!  Gosh, it's been a dreadfully long time since I was last here, so let's have a quick catch up with all the shenanigans at Saucy Towers.  This is a longer than usual post to make up for the bloggy wasteland of the last few months, so hang on in there (you might want to get a cup of gin tea and a biscuit).

Wind in the Willows

From January to April I was completely absorbed by my local amateur dramatic associations production of Wind in the Willows.  I found myself thrown in the deep end as assistant director, wardrobe mistress and actor in a variety of lovely cameo roles.  It was a wonderful experience and I learnt a great deal along the way but it pretty much meant everything else was put on hold for a bit (like dusting and blogging).

(Hedgehog spikes and me as a Steam Punk Weasel lady at the top of the post)  
It's hard to say which bit of it I enjoyed most, but I guess creating the costumes for the woodland creatures is pretty high on my list. Even though I say so myself, I am really proud of what I achieved together with the support from two amazing ladies who worked on the costumes with me.  My favourite costumes were the little squirrels and hedgehogs and I'm going to do a specific blog post on 'How-to-make-a-hedgehog-costume' and show you lots of gorgeous photos from the show.  

The icing on the cake for everyone involved in the Willows was to win a whole bunch of gongs at the Kent Drama Association awards.  Our wonderful director, Alison, was rewarded for all her hard work as were so many deserving others; hurrah for us!

Anyway, enough of me being a gushing old lovey, darlings.  Once the Willows was over, I had to play catch up with house, garden and family stuff so still no time for blogging.  Lots of time has been spent in the garden with my lovely, long suffering, current husband, tidying, clearing, weeding, sowing seeds and planting out. Much of this was in preparation for Curly Girl's big birthday barbecue bonanza for friends and family.  We had a water-slide and bouncy castle party with mocktails and ice-cream sundaes for 14 eight year old girls at lunch time, which then merged into a friends and family BBQ into the evening. 

The party was also an excuse for the CH to show off his new Man Cave, complete with bar.  There was much messiness late evening with silly grown up drinking games involving dodgy blue and yellow alcoholic substances.  Oh yes, and some even dodgier dancing with luminous balloons.  

There was also a lovely half term holiday in Greece where we sunbathed, swam and ate lots of lovely Greek food.  This year, the Teen Drama Queen and I, actually made it up to the Acropolis in Lindos for some super views. 

On our return from Greece we received the very sad news of the death of a much loved Aunt.  At 93 years old, she was one of the most vibrant and spirited people I've ever known; still going to bingo and cruising the charity shops in her last year of life.  Amidst the grief, we remembered and celebrated Peg's life at her wake together with a bit of dancing with Auntie Helen, who put me to shame with her dance moves to a Pencil Full of Lead! RIP Auntie Peg; it was a privilege and a pleasure to have known you xxx

Lastly, I had a busy couple of weeks sewing  bits to sell at Curly Girl's school summer fete.  I made some little across body boho bags for girls, some summer bunting, headbands and aprons and then my sewing machine died!  But all for a good cause and a perfect excuse to get a new machine, hurrah!!!  Lots more sewing to come and will show off the sexy new beast next week.

So that's it my darling; that's the gossip from Saucy Towers.  I hope you'll forgive me being AWOL and come back and visit again soon as I have lots more to tell you.

TTFN. Gal xxx

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